Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting

Looking for an inexpensive way to modernize your home? Recessed lighting offers the perfect blend of form and function to give your home a fresh new looking. Well chosen, well placed lights can highlight a room’s best features, improve lighting in areas that are poorly lit, offer a decorative element to your home, and more.

recessed lighting in ceiling

What is recessed lighting?

Installed within the ceiling rather than on the surface, recessed lighting consist of two parts, the trim and the housing. The housing’s fixture, which holds the bulb, is installed in the ceiling. The trim is the finished edge you will see when looking up into the fixture.

Outdoor Soffit Lighting

  • Adds versatile light with various beam angles to accent areas of your home or to be used as a spot light.
  • Waterproof and insulatied, outdoor soffit lighting shines brightly indoors or outdoors.
  • Small enough to be hidden to keep your garden or home looking the way you had intended.
  • Fixture may be angled or swiveled to increase its usability. 

Uses for Recessed Lights

  • In multi-use rooms with dimmers for added versatility.
  • Accent lighting, complimenting clean, contemporary interiors.
  • Task lighting in kitchens and baths to provide much needed illumination.
  • Spotlighting wall or other decorative art.
  • Downlighting to brighten a room without stealing the attention of a decorative piece.
  • Wall-washing, using lights to make the space look and feel larger.

Avoid Recessed Lighting in These Situations

  • As the sole source of lighting in a room.
  • With concrete ceilings.
  • In rooms with decorative ceilings, coffers, and papers as this lighting can detract from its look.


Factors to Determine Before Installation

The type of housing required

This is determined by ceiling slope, material, insulation, and whether lights are installed on a new home or remodel.

The number of fixtures needed

As there is no universal solution, professional assistance comes in handy. Square footage, bulb wattage, ceiling height, visibility needed, and existing light must all be considered to avoid making your ceiling look like Swiss cheese but efficiently light the space. This can also be confusing when dealing with LED bulbs, whose wattage is a low 5 to 8, but are actually comparable to halogen bulb that are 40 to 60 watts.

The proper spacing

A professional will ensure fixtures are spaced evenly, resulting in a balanced look.If the model selected needs to be rated for moisture.If lights will be installed in a bathroom, basement, or covered outdoor space you will want to ensure they rated for moisture for safety and so that the bulbs will not become damaged.

Electrical load

To avoid overloading circuits, an electrician can help you determine the safest way to wire in new lights.

Form and function

Enlisting the help of a pro ensures you will get not only the look, but the most ease of use out of your investment. For instance, knowing when to use a Gimbal fixture to create focal points or a reading light for your favorite chair, or adding dimming features to dim lights by zone (wouldn’t a separate dimmer switch for each light over your bed be nice?).

Job Electrical Works can help you select the perfect recessed lighting to modernize and brighten your home, helping you choose from:

  • Incandescent
  • Fluorescent
  • Energy Star
  • Line voltage
  • Low voltage halogen
  • Standard halogen
  • Fire barrier housings
  • Multiple recessed spots
  • Swivel lighting
  • Down lighting
  • LED swivel lighting

Let the professionals at Job Electrical Works help you select the right mix to modernize the look of your home.  We have all your home's lighting design, installation, and maintenance needs covered.

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