Child Proof Outlets

Child Proof Outlets

More than 2,400 children are treated in emergency rooms due to electrical shocks and burns every year as a result of tampering with electrical outlets. Installing child proof outlets, also called tamper resistant receptacles (TRR), provides an inexpensive, simple, and permanent solution for these accidents.

electricaloutletsWhat are child proof outlets?

Though child proof outlets appear identical to standard wall outlets, they are anything but Spring-loaded receptacle cover plates protect electrical contacts, preventing the insertion of objects when unequal pressure is applied to the receptacle’s contact points.

How to Operate a Child Proof Outlet

For adults who know how to properly operate a plug, using a childproof outlet is simple. These outlets do not require the strength or knowledge required to operate most other child proof devices. In order to insert a plug into the receptacle, simply apply equal pressure to both sides simultaneously (as you would normally do) which allows the receptacle’s cover plate to open.

What are electrical outlet plugs?

The most common way to child proof outlets are to use outlet plugs, outlet covers or outlet caps - these names all mean the same thing. These plastic pieces plug directly into the outlet’s sockets and work well for outlets that are never used or only used occasionally. The exposed back of the outlet plug is flat or slightly rounded, making it difficult for your tiny tot to grip and remove it from the socket (this is an actual child ergonomics thing).  

The basic style choice here is picking an outlet plug that ranges from transparent or clear to completely opaque. Usually the colors are either a pure white or cream. 

outlet plug cover styles

electrical.outletElectrical outlet plate covers

These are our favorite option for childproofing your high-traffic areas. Similar to the tamper-resistant outlets, these are also spring-loaded where a sliding plate must be pushed to the side to uncover the socket. Once the plug is removed, the spring pulls the plate back to cover the socket and reduce the chance a child will poke something sharp and hurty into it.

We use these in our house and have been pretty pleased because the installation was super easy – I’m talking no more than 30 seconds with one screw install. 


What do children put in electrical outlets?

Nearly one-third of accidents occur when a child inserts common household items into receptacles, 70 percent of them occurring when adults are present.  Items that children insert into outlets can be found anywhere, and include:

  • Hairpins
  • Keys
  • Plugs
  • Paper clips and staples
  • Tools
  • Jewelry
  • Belt buckles
  • Nail files
  • Knives
  • And more

Update Your Home to Include Child Proof Outlets

For just a few Cedis more per outlet, you can bring your home up to code and make it safer for your family by having child proof outlets installed. In fact, tamper proof receptacles have proven so effective that Job Electrical Works advise and recommend the installation of them in all new homes or use an electrical outlet plug. Without these, your child is at risk of:

Electrical Shocks

Seven children per day, 2,400 children per year, will be injured by placing objects into electrical outlets.

Electrical Burns

95 percent of injuries resulting from electrical outlets will involve burns. Though they range in severity, it is important to understand that burns are very serious in young children whose skin is thin and offers little resistance to electric flow or heat.

Serious or Fatal Injuries

Reduce this risk by calling Job Electrical Works to install child proof outlets in your home today.

Products to Avoid

When selecting child proof outlets for your home, avoid those that require you to screw plugs in place, as they are not only inconvenient, but present a fire hazard. In addition, once outlets are installed, avoid the use of plastic plugs – your outlets are now tamper proof.

To ensure safety through the proper installation of child proof receptacles in your home, contact a licensed, qualified professional at Job Electrical Works. Our technicians have the best interests of you and your family at heart.

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